Secret Rendez-Vous – an English story


‘That’s why we came out here isn’t it?’ she says while she looks at me daringly from underneath her long eye lashes.

‘True’ I hand her a cigarette and my lighter. I watch her place the cigarette between her perfectly shaped, cherry lips and hold the lighter against it. Slowly she blows out the smoke and I hear her deep sigh, she’s relaxed. She hands me back my lighter and the moment our fingers touch it’s there again. Our eyes lock… She feels it too.

Silently we sit and stare into the darkness while enjoying our cigarette. Here, on this wooden bench in the backyard of an enormous mansion, is where we just had the best sex ever, all the while knowing that it would also be our last time, because no one can know.

The sound of her high heels rustling through the leafs wakes me from my reverie. Sitting on the bench I lean forward, and glance at her legs. Those legs! How beautiful they are…

My eyes wander downwards and I see her stilettos, I cannot help but smile. Oh how she hates those things, but she knows I love them and that’s probably why she decided to wear them tonight. They were a frequent topic in our texts and meanwhile we have had such amazing talks that she knows my every weakness. She is one of them. Earlier this evening when she entered the room, all eyes were on her, and she knew it. Confidently she made her way in, greeted some familiar faces and waved shortly when she spotted me.

Perfectly aware of the effect she has on me she stood there, talking to someone else, a brief hand on his shoulder, a warm smile. She was enchanting. I knew from the moment I heard her heels clicking on the marble that I wanted her. I knew it, she knew it, and it was only a matter of time before we would take a ‘cigarette break’ like we agreed in the text she sent me an hour ago.

She looked at me, casually ran her fingers through her hair and walked past me. Our eyes met briefly and I knew it was time. I said goodbye to my conversation partner and strolled toward the garden. There she was, hip-swaying in that mindblowingly-sexy black dress. It embraced her figure perfectly and although she was always complaining about her curves, I could not take my eyes off of her. Her luscious figure, the way she walked… almost sensual. Her stilettos clicked on the tiles and when she stepped off the terrace and onto the gravel path I heard her curse underneath her breath.

Very aware of the fact that I was walking right behind her, she tried to stay gracious, but after two steps she gave up. She kicked off her shoes, picked them up from the ground and looked at me over her shoulder. ‘Stop laughing’. She quickly regrouped and continued on bare feet. Chuckling I followed her…

‘What’s on your mind’ she asks me as she puts out her cigarette.

Her beautiful grey eyes look at me insecurily. ‘Regrets?’ she asks.

‘Of you? Never! I lean toward her and kiss her. Gentle at first, but soon the passion between us stirs up again. I bring my hand to her neck and hear her soft moan. Her weak spot. Softly I pull at her hair and she willingly tilts her head backwards, our tongues find eachother and I devour her. She growls and lets her hands slide around my neck. I feel her nails mark my skin. ‘Easy girl’ I whisper in her ear and she lets go.

She tears herself from my mouth, gasping. Her lips swollen from our kiss, her eyes dark with lust… God, how I want her!

My phone rings, I look at the number and answer reluctantly ‘Hi honey!’  I look sideways and see how she fixes her hair. I make hand gestures to try to beg her to stay, to make clear that this conversation doesn’t have to take long, but she gets up, takes her stilettos in her hand and walks away. She brushes a lock of hair behind her ear, looks at me one last time. ‘I’m sorry’ I whisper with my hand over the phone. And then she’s gone, and all that’s left is the rustling of the gravel path.

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