The Pool Table – an English story

The Pool Table

“Blue ball, left corner” slowly I bend over the pool table and look at him defiantly. I move my weight to my left leg, lifting my right leg until it’s in line with my body. Slowly I slide the cue through my fingers, hitting the white ball with perfection. Effortlessly the blue ball lands in the left corner pocket. Looking up at him, my heart skips a beat. That was a piece of cake, but I have to win this game. There is too much at stake …

He’s smirking. “So, now that we’re playing for a bet, you suddenly play a lot better? I almost think that you have fooled me Beautiful”. Slightly alarmed, I look into his playful eyes, which reassures me, he’s teasing! Slowly I walk around the table, my hips sway a little more than usual, challenging him to touch me when I walk a little too close, but he controls himself. I see all the muscles in his body stiffen, his jaw line tightens, his eyes fixed on me, as his beautiful, powerful hands dominate the cue. God, this man is sexy! I see the pressure in his crotch increase, but he is in control … damn it! When I arrive at the other end of the table, I point to the right corner. “Then the black ball must be in that pocket, isn’t it?” I ask him innocently and smile my sweetest smile. “You know that damn well Beautiful, hurry up before I lose control and claim my prize, whether you win or not, you will be mine here on this table, right now.” I stare at him curiously. I want to open my mouth to say something, but I can’t. That’s not exactly why I had gone to his house? Was not what I wanted from the moment I saw this pool table and him standing next to it, cue in hand, or was it?

After our first date, he had invited me to his house. Once inside, he took my coat and as I quietly looked around me, he took me through attentively. I felt his eyes burning into me, sending a shiver down my back. There was a beautiful pool table in the large glass conservatory. The legs were antique and very graceful. The canvas was cobalt blue, it stood out beautifully against the dark wood of the table itself. As if attracted by it, I walked towards the conservatory, slowly walking around the pool table, trailing my fingers over the  canvas, my mind imaging a fantasy of sex on a pool table, but was that now, and with this man?

“Are you going to make another attempt, or do I have to keep my promise?” Oh shit … it’s my turn. Only one ball. Only the black ball in the pocket and then I’d won. The black ball is in a favorable position and with the little experience I have, I had to hit this ball to win the match. But do I want that? If I lose, he may, after all, do whatever he wants with me and although I do not know what that is exactly, I know that part of my fantasy would come true. I look at the table. He still had four balls left, I have a good lead, but could stretch out the game a bit longer. The question is whether I should take that risk. Slowly I bend forward again and look at him for a moment before I give the white ball a punch, but just before I take my eyes off his gaze, he bites his lip a bit. I hit the white ball and hardly touch it.

The ball makes a strange twist and does not even end in the vicinity of the black ball. I curse softly and feel somewhat ashamed as I look at him. I see that he has raised an eyebrow and looks at me amused.

“Under your skin babe?” Nonchalantly I tug a piece of hair behind my ear, “Otherwise you suspect me of cheating, or I’m giving you another chance”, I say challenging.

Within two steps he is near me and I feel his breath on my skin. He takes my chin in his hand and lifts my head up so that I can do nothing but look at him. “Are you sure you want to win Beautiful? I look at him, feeling the tension in my body build up. My mouth feels dry, my nipples hard and between my legs, dampens. Slowly sliding his hand down my chin to my neck while never taking his eyes off me. He lets his hand rest on my sternum and slowly spreads his fingers. He slowly closes his fingers around my neck and I feel the pressure increase. “Do you trust me?” He asks me, his eyes looking deeper into mine. My mouth is too dry to answer, so I slowly nod. He looks at me grinning and gives me a soft kiss on my nose while putting a little more pressure on my throat and then lets go at once. “Good girl”

I breathe softly and watch him move gracefully around the table and with one punch two balls of his color lands the pockets. Looking at me triumphantly, giving me a playful wink. My whole body begins to shake and I slowly close my eyes. I try to control myself, getting my breathing under control again, I open my eyes and he’s looking at me. “Would you like a drink”. Grabbing the opportunity to regain control of myself I say “Yes please”

When he walks away to the kitchen, I gently lean against a chest of drawers, shocked when it opens suddenly because I leaned against it. Curiously I open it, a whispered ‘shit’ when I see the contents.

Slowly I let my hand glide over the soft shibari ropes and the leather of the wrist cuffs. I gently inhale the smell of the leather and my body reacts immediately. I shudder at the thought of all the fine things you can do with the contents of this drawer and I’m curious about the other drawers.

His heavy voice draw’s me from my fantasy. “Sweet white wine with ice for Mrs.” he holds a glass of wine in front of me. Shy, I laugh at him and take the glass carefully. He looks at the open drawer and back at me. “Do you like what you see?”

My mouth now less dry because of the wine,I can reply again, but my head let’s me down this time. So I nod hesitantly. “Well done!” he smiles, putting down his glass of wine on the tray table “Then I’m going to win this game, we’ve played long enough” he growls. When he walks past me I smell his cologne and can see his pants getting tighter. Whether I’m in control or not, I did lose my concentration and I’m finding it hard to focus. The third and final ball effortlessly enters the pocket, leaving only the black ball still on the pool table. He absorbs me with his stare. Consciously aware of my position in this game, I look at him definitely “What? Don’t you dare” I smirk, straightening my back. My breasts prominently forward, making my neck long, softly I bite my lip, seeing his eyes getting darker and hope I can win a bit more time.

“I never lack courage, I’m used to it.” He walks around the table to position himself for the last ball, his eyes do not let mine go for a second. “I’m only trying to assess whether you’re ready for me.” And he leans forward to push the white ball off the black ball with some urgency. It misses a hair’s breadth from the pocket, I then notice I’m holding my breath. The black ball rotates around it’s axis in front of the pocket and slowly comes to a standstill. Fine, if he wants to play it that way. You can not miss this ball, even if I want to. He’s still looking at me, following every movement while I grab my bag, opening it, then putting it down in front of him on the other side of the pool table. His eyes wander from me to the contents of the bag, his face is frozen. He looks back at me with big, anxious eyes just as the black ball sinks into the pocket. Triumphantly, I straighten my back, “I wonder if you’re ready for me,” I say sternly as I walk towards him with a devious smile.


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