The Terrace

Especially for my foreign readers I got this story translated. I hope you enjoy this short, not less exciting story.

The Terrace

“Would you like sugar or sweets?”
The blonde waitress asks, her beautiful blue eyes, wake me from my daydream state.
“Uhm sorry… what was the question?”
“Would you like sugar or sweets with your latte macchiato,” he answers for her.
“Oh, sweets, please, thank you” I give her my sweetest smile.
I watch her as the waitress walks away. “Beautiful girl,” I mutter as he grabs my hand. Looking at me playfully, he asks. “Where have your thoughts gone?”
“Well not with the waitress” I reply too quickly for my liking. He laughs out loud, making him even more handsome than he already was and I start to blush.
“I did not insinuate that at all, but now that you mention it, she is very beautiful”
A stab of jealousy runs through me, as he holds my gaze. I see him grinning and I blush even more. Quickly lowering my eyes again. Shit, caught!
He gently squeezes my hand, forcing me to look back at him. “But not as beautiful as MY girl” he smiles, kissing my hand. His reassuring eyes, calm me again.

When the waitress comes back with our coffee, she serves him first, leaning over very closely making eye contact, I want to make her stumble, but I don’t, I just watch the scene. When she gives me my latte macchiato, she looks at me kindly, I thank her with my sweetest voice, giving her an icy look. She understands the hint and quickly leaves.
I put the sweets in my latte macchiato and stir gently through the coffee. I feel that he is looking at me attentively and I look at him. “What?”
He leans on his hand and he chuckles softly, “yet I also think you might be a very good dominatrix” I almost choke on my coffee and look at him shocked.
“No way!” I exclaim “I like to be dominated, and especially by of you” I answer more softly, as I start to blush again.
“I know that, but still I think you could do well with a woman”
I look at him “you KNOW that I also feel attracted to women”
He bends forward and gently grabs my chin “I know that little girl, but believe me when I say that you should take control of a woman” and he kisses me tenderly on my mouth. Our kiss intensifies and I am not interested in the rest of the terrace. My Man kisses me and then I forget everything and everyone around me.

“Ahummm” someone clears her throat. He disconnects from me and looks up. The waitress is blushing at our table. “Is everything to your liking?”
I look at her shocked, “are you really bothering us to ask if everything is to our liking?” I feel my adrenaline rise. I see him sink back into his chair and with a slight grin he distances himself from the conversation. Fine, now I can solve this situation,  fine…
The girl turns red and begins to stammer “uhmmm, me, uhmmm, sorry”
I look directly at her “sorry?”
The poor child is obviously uncomfortable and looks away. “Sorry Mrs.”
I feel a little embarrassed for my sharp reply and soften my gaze and voice. “I understand that you have a job to do, but you interrupted us at an inappropriate time,  maybe you should take that into account for the future? “


Smiling, she nods “yes ma’am, again excuse me” she replies, walking away quickly. I sink back in my chair and see him looking. I look at him “what ?!”
He is still sitting down a bit, leaning his chin on his hand and shaking his head gently.
“You do not get to say anything, I just did not like it” I answer while I put my arms over each other. I ignore the jitters in my lower abdomen, and my wet panties. He keeps looking at me grinning, and I know what he is referring to, but I decide to ignore it. “I’m going to pay for this, and then we leave”, I reply. I get up and look at him, his hand is on his crotch while he gently rubs himself. Nobody but me can see it and I know what he means. My eyes get big, and I look at him defiantly, this time I do not play. “I’ll see you at the car” I answer bravely. And I see his eyes shine. “okay little girl, if you want it that way” and he gets up and walks to the car. I straighten my back and walk over to the waitress and ask her colleague for our bill, paying quickly. She thanks me and bids me a good afternoon”. I smile at her sweetly. “Good afternoon to you, with a sore ass as punishment” I mumble to myself as I walk to the car. Why do I have to be so defiant? With a anxious heart I step into the car and take a seat next to him.


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