The Warehouse

Sine I have a lot of followers on my Twitter account who don’t speak/read Dutch, I’ve decided to translate one of my “best read stories” So you guys know what I’m up to 😉 The grammar may not be perfect, but you’ll get an idea! Have fun….

The Warehouse

Tonight 20:00 o’ clock, you know the address “I read his text once again, look at the name on the sign and I look at the building. I take a deep breath “here we’re go”. With trembling hands I open the door of my car, in the meantime I’ve got so warm from the nerves that I am grateful to breathe the slightly cold fresh air when I get out. Summer is already at the end of the year and autumn is slowly making her way. I put a light grey scarf around my shoulders and I close the car door. I stroke my hands over the little black dress I’ve chosen for tonight. It’s a fantastic dress, but he always crawls up so terribly fast. Perfect for him so it shoots through my head. I brush my hand through my hair and slowly but surely I walk towards the building. My black, shiny pumps tap rhythmically on the pavement as I walk towards the door, swaying my hips. My phone vibrates, and curiously I look at the screen.

The door is open

“Shit” I swear gently. I could have known that he would leave nothing to chance and that I would be watched. For a moment I feel myself getting angry “controlfreak” I hiss at the screen, I turn off my phone and put it away. I push my hand against the big, heavy door and I enter the warehouse. Inside it is striking light, there are a few lights lit, but the large fluorescent lamps on the ceiling are out. The small tall windows make the last rays of sunlight seem weak and I shiver. For a moment it came through my mind what the hell I am doing here and at that very moment I feel him. I’m nailed to the ground. I don’t know which sound I notice better at this moment, the slow approaching of his footsteps on the concrete floor, or my own heart that almost seems to pound out of my chest. When he stands behind me, I smell him. A delicious mix of musk and patchouli, and very briefly I think my legs are going to get lost. Why does he have such an effect on me? He gently strokes my neck while his other hand slowly moves over my wrist towards my shoulder. “Good evening Princess, you look beautiful” I softly moan, he knows what the word’ Princess’ does to me and the game has started.

“Want something to drink?” he asks me to seducetively, while he kisses my neck with his soft lips. Do you have any wine?”I ask sighing. He gently bites my earlobe and steps away from me. As he walks to the refrigerator, I look around the warehouse. To the left of me, a few engines are hidden under a cloth and just behind it is a car that is clearly in parts at the moment. To the right of me, halfway up the wall is a black leather sofa with a table in front of it, on top of which is a laptop with some news site on the screen. He was clearly still at work. In the corner hangs a big punching bag that is often used during kickboxing, and it is becoming increasingly clear to me that this must be his’ mancave’. “The lion’s den”I softly whisper, and I grin.I walk towards the sofa. I kick off my heels and let myself sink on the amazingly soft sofa. He looks at me amused “are you comfy little girl?” and I nod satisfied. He gives me a nice cool glass of white wine, and I take a sip. The wine is fresh, a little sweet and I recognize my favourite Muscadet from thousands. He remembered that! He sits next to me, taps on his lap and looks at me in question. I crawl up to him on his lap and put my arms around his neck. I know he likes it when I’m sitting with him on his lap and I’m want nothing more than to satisfy him right now. I lay my head on his shoulder, and I enjoy his hand wandering about my back thoughtlessly, leaving goose bumps on my arms. I hear his breathing starts to calm, and I gently stroke my hand over his chest. He needs me as much as I need him, and my heart is jumping.

After what feels like a blissful eternity, he stops stroking my back. His hand lies in my neck and I feel his grip tighten. He grabs my hair and brings his mouth to my neck. For a moment I think he’s going to kiss me, but he doesn’t. I feel the desire grow between my legs, and I slide back and forth restlessly. Slowly I lower my head and I look at him from the side. His eyes are dark and I know what will come. A bit nervous I bite my lower lip and I see him grinning. His heavy voice whispers in my ear “easy now little Girl, I’ll be nice to you” and I feel myself getting week.

**SLAP** the sound takes me out of my mite, what’s going on with him anyway? Outside it’s dark and the warehouse is dressed in a soft light. He groans,”Count Little Girl, we’re going to ten today”. **SLAP** there’s that sound again, followed by a burning pain on my buttock. Shit! How far were we? I feel his frustration behind me slowly building “WRONG!” **SLAP** “It was five”, he barks at me. I bravely imagine what is going to happen **SLAP** and I am breaking the pain. “One” This time I’m determined not to let my thoughts wander. I look up to where my arms are tied, feel the ropes into my wrists and I hear the chains from the punching bag rattling when I try to relax my shoulders. **SLAP** I am actually answering immediately “two”. I lean against the punching bag and feel the cold leather cooling my heated face. The wine is slowly rising to my head, and the blush on my cheeks feel increasingly warmer.**SLAP** “three” automatically comes out of my mouth and I feel my self-confidence rising, I can do this! **SLAP** and as a good girl I answer “four” and I know that it was actually ten (or was it nine? But that doesn’t matter anymore) He needs me, and if I have to count up to a hundred, I am willing to do that for him. **SLAP** panic comes over me, he feels my doubt and holds back for a moment. “Five” I answer insecure. I hear him blowing out his restrained breath, and he drops the belt on the ground. Surprised I straight my back and try to stand on my heels a bit firmer again. I’m sure there will be a round two and I better be prepared, he seemed very disturbed tonight and I feel sad. He walks away to a cupboard and I try to retain my curiosity not to see what he has in store for me now. When I hear him coming towards me, I feel every fiber in my body tighten. Is it the flogger? Is it the cane? I hold my breath when he stands behind me. I’m surprised when he lays his warm, firm hands on my buttocks and gently massages them. The cold lotion is a wonderful feeling on my buttocks that seem to be on fire and I try to relax. Slowly he kisses a way from my neck, over my shoulders to my side. He gently bites in my hip and I have to giggle. He grins “Stand still Princess” He knows that I can’t handle tickling very well and I enjoy his playfulness. Gently he gives me a kiss on my buttock, first one then the other while he still massages my buttocks. Slowly his hands descend to my thighs, and I shiver when he lets his thumbs slide towards my groin. I carefully set my legs slightly apart and close my eyes. He gently mumbles “Good girl”.


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